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Newspaper, Paper, A4, Sheets, Copies/Books, Cardboard, Plastic (Regular, Home), Iron, Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Ac 1 ton, AC 1.5 ton, AC 2 ton, Double door fridge, Single door fridge, Gyser, Semi automatic washing machine double drum, Top load fully automatic washing machine, Front load fully automatic washing machine, Iron cooler, Plastic cooler, LCD/LED tv, Battery used with invertor (Empty, No liquid), Invertor, UPS, Microwave, Motors copper wiring, Ceiling fan, Crt tv (old), Heavy Plastic Metal pipes,, Wall Fan, Printer /scanner/fax, CPU, LCD Monitor, CRT monitor (old), Laptop, Feature phone, Smartphone, Tablet, Glass Bottles, Cutting Paper, Glass Bottles (Big), Glass Bottles (small), Can (ghadda), Beer ,Soft Drink, Tin Container (Oil, Dry fruit), Tin (Paint, food containers, slim iron ), Nil wood gatta (Slim Gatta), Chairs (Plastic Base) Less Foam, cloth, Chairs (Steel, Iron) base, less foam, cloth, Small Batteries (AA,AAA, 9volt, D), Old Toilet, Kitchen Accessories (Shower, Hanger, Taps etc), Old Garden Accessories (Plastic Pipes. Tools, flower containers, etc), Tyre
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Do Aur Lo

DO aur LO is a first of its kind ‘Barter’ which allows you to conveniently exchange your TRASH (dry waste/scrap) for unbelievable VALUE (cash/ products and services). Do aur Lo is designed to revolutionise the tradi-tional ‘Kabadi’ System by making the process of scrap disposal simpli-fied & rewarding for both consumers and the environment.
Leveraging the power of technology, Do aur Lo facilitates you to con-veniently SWAP all your recyclable WASTE for instant cash, products & services, delivered right at your doorstep at the click of a button. Exchanging all that you wasted till now has never been more excit-ing Waste Do Value Lo!So,Stock up your recyclabes, schedule a pickup at a convenient time & lo-cation, hand it over to our trained and verified Scrap Hero’s post valuation and avail instant exchanges. And we shall transport your waste to those who value it - Recyclers, Re-users.

So,Think before you Trash it ,Just Encash it !!

Why Choose? DO AUR LO

  • Best Rates

    Get best value for your recyclables/scrap/dry waste

  • On Demand Service

    Doorstep collection as per booked slot or daily/weekly/monthly pickups

  • Convenience

    You decide the place, time & process through our mobile app

  • Professional Services

    Get a trained & verified Scrap Hero based on Live Rates, Digital Weighing & Accurate Valuation

  • Multiple Payment & payout Options

    Receive payments as cash or through various payment gateways

How It Works

  • schedule
  • We Collect
  • Earn From Trash
  • Exchange For Products Services

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" No Waste is Waste, Untill you Waste It "

We invite you to be part of this revolution, by being part of the solution.

  • Rs 50 loaded in your wallet on signing up (Do our Lo app)

  • Free waste pick up

  • Free Home delivery of “Lo” Product range

  • Priority on scheduling & services

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